Given the exciting history of the place, it is important that capable non-profit actors around Uppåkra organize themselves and become involved. The Uppåkra Association of Friends is such an organization.

The Association was founded in December 2014. Its aim is to promote the development of the Foundation for Uppåkra Archaeological Centre (UAC) as a visitor attraction by advocating archaeological, historical, museum, and cultural activities around the ancient remains at Uppåkra. The Association can even via other means facilitate these goals.

As a member you have the benefit of taking part in special showings and lectures, as well as excursions. If you become an active member you will also experience a fine community that together works to promote Uppåkra as a visitor attraction.

You can become a member this year by paying SEK 100:- into the bank giro account 5137-8222.

Remember to provide your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Feel free to contact Göran Berggren if you have questions about our activities.