We hope you value our vision and what we are trying to accomplish at Uppåkra. As business person, philanthropist, or investor you have future possibilities with our vision of Uppåkra. We are launched on a voyage that started with the excavations begun in the 1990s. During the past three years we have focused on the visitor programmes, especially as linked to the schools. Between 2013 and 2105 our registered visitors increased from 3,000 to 11,000 per year. We envision that Uppåkra will become one of the most popular visitor attractions in southern Sweden.

In our strategy for the future we have a newly built experience- and research centres in place with between 100,000-300,000 visitors per year. The road forward is still long and we are actively working to find sponsors who want to share the journey and support us, and at the same time participate in shaping the development of our organization.

At present there are three financers: Region Skåne and the municipalities of Staffanstorp and Lund. We are very grateful for this funding, yet it still does even cover a basic visitor programme.

We have recently begun discussions with several companies, and a few have come on board. Their reasons for participating are at bottom visionary; also, they believe in our ambitions. There is no immediate economic gain for individual sponsors.

Please contact Karin Nisson if you are interested in discussing sponsorship with Uppåkra Archaeological Centre: karin.nilsson@uppakra.se