Future archaeological investigations

The potential for uncovering new finds such as buildings, graves, and different objects from far and wide is very large. 99 percent of the area remains to be unearthed. We know approximately how large the settlement has been, given that an area with a radius of 5 kilometres has been studied with a metal detector. Also, other methods have been used that measure among other things the phosphate level of the earth.

Modern archaeology increasingly is pursued by ‘digging without a spade’. The geophysical methods of examination have become all the more effective. With the aid of, for example, of ground radar, aerial photos, infrared technology, and mangnetometers, one can take X-rays of archaeological remains and reveal what lies buried in the earth. These are fine methods with many advantages; one does not damage the remains and it becomes less expensive to detect them. Not all archaeologists, however, agree that one can really obtain the right information without digging. Our view is that to illuminate the historical reality of Uppåkra without damaging the cultural layers more than absolutely necessary, and at the same time to obtain conclusive results, we need to make use of both modern and traditional archaeology.


Financing and interest

The big challenge is to find financing and scientific support for more large-scale excavation projects. Today we have seminar excavations, which are a part of the archaeology educational programme at Lund University. We would like to have more actors to participate in various ways in writing the story about Uppåkra. We are happy to receive notification of interest from potential archaeological institutions or companies, as well as from financers who wish to actively participate. For the future of Uppåkra, continuity and long term perspectives are central. This holds true for the visitors programmes as well as for continued archaeological investigation of the site.

If you represent a potential partner, please contact us at: info@uppakra.se

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