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School Tours at Uppåkra 2017

Welcome to experience the exciting history of Uppåka! Discover Scandinavia’s largest Iron Age settlement with the richest archaeological remains by visiting us – a place with that for more than 1000 years served as a commercial, political and religious centre of power. If you prefer to stay in the classroom we are happy to visit and tell about Iron Age Uppåkra.

“>Here you can find films from Vetenskapens Värld (The World of Science), to show in the classroom and to prepare teachers for a visit to Uppåkra (In Swedish).

To book, contact Sofia Winge:, tel. 070-9351250 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays)

Tour of Uppåkra (Years 2-10, college high school; 50 minutes)

We present Uppåkra and the Iron Age and the people who lived here – how they fed themselves, their religion and the wares that they used for trade. The pupils will even see discoveries unearthed at Uppåkra. (Excavations usually take during the month of September).

Archaeology School (Years 4-10; 90 minutes)

Besides a usual tour, the pupils also receive an introduction to what it is like to work as an archaeologist. They will dig in prepared boxes and document what they unearth. The visit concludes by examining and discussing what they found.

The Time Detective (Years 4-7; 90 minutes)
This is a pedagogic exercise focused on the process of interpretation within archaeology – which really is detective work. Beyond the basic tour the pupils have the opportunity to interpret for themselves what can have taken place at Uppåkra. This is based on the same source materials that archaeologists use as well as on key concepts such as the analysis and handling of source materials.

On Assignment at Uppåkra (Years 1-4; 55 minutes)

The tour is based on the children’s book Assignment Uppåkra – Between Life and Death. The story is a bout a boy, Malte, who is transported back in in time to when Uppåkra was flourishing. The can be borrowed from the library and purchased from us for SEK 100:-.

Gold Motifs Workshop (Years 1-4; 55 minutes)

Beyond an introductory tour, pupils experience making their own copies of gold motifs – which are among the many exciting discoveries at the site.

Uppåkra in the classroom (Years 1-10; college high school; 55 minutes)

If you don’t have the possibility to visit Uppåkra, then we can come to you and present Iron Age Uppåkra in the classroom. Pupils will even be able to examine remains unearthed at Uppåkra.

If you have received funding from The Creative School, we are open for suggestions and can customize a programme for you. Contact us for further information.

We recommend a maximum of 25 pupils, but one can of course make bookings for larger groups who would then b divided into smaller ones for activities with a teacher. Please contact us if ou have special requests or questions about the arrangements.

One can bring a snack or a lunch and eat it in our garden or in the big tent.

Programmes can be booked in English or in Swedish.

Thanks to our cooperation with the municipalities of Lund and Staffanstorp,as well as with the Uppåkra Archaeological Centre, schools in these towns can visit Uppåkra free of charge.

For schools in other localities, the following costs apply:
Guided tour or lecture (50 min., max. 25 pupils) – SEK 500:-
Archaeological School – SEK 700:- (90 min., max. 25 pupils)
Transportation costs are added when we visit your school.

We prefer to send an invoice, but it is also possible pay in cash or by credit card during our visit.
To send an invoice, we need the following information:

  • Name of contact person
  • The visiting address of the school
  • The invoice address if different from visiting address
  • Telephone number to the school


It is often windy at Uppåkra; bring suitable clothing since we will for the most part be outside. Keep in mind that pupils should have robust clothing for the Archaeology School. We have gloves that pupils can use to put over or use instead of their own gloves if it is cold.