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The ancient remains from the Iron Age town of Uppåkra are located in the municipality of Staffanstorp in Skåne, between Lund and Malmö. Uppåkra Archaeological Centre, which offers guided tours and a café, is housed in a white house just behind Uppåkra Church near the parking lot.

The finds are to be seen at The Historical Museum in Lund, and a few are om display at Kulturen in Lund.


From Malmö and Lund: Pendeln bus no. 130, bus stop Uppåkra Väståkravägen.
From Staffanstorp: bus no. 166 towards Södra Sandby, bus stop Lund Södra Tpl. Change for Pendeln bus no. 130 towards Malmö, get off at Uppåkra Väståkravägen.

From the bus stop Uppåkra Väståkravägen: A walk of 10-15 min., past Ljungs Handel in the directin of Uppåkra Church. The church tower is visible just east of the bus stop (that is, to the left if coming from Lund and to the right if from Malmö). Follow Stora Uppåkravägen just south of the bus stop, walk under the viadukt and swing shortly to the right for the church.

Uppåkra is situated on the way between Lund and Malmö, with outstanding bicycle lanes linking the cities.

Take E22 to the traffic intersection ”Lund södra”. Exit onto road 108 in the direction Sturup-Trelleborg. Follow the white signs for ”Uppåkra”. Exit 108 immediately south of the traffic intersection ”Lund södra” (the intersection with E22) and follow the white signs for ”Uppåkra”.

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GPS-koordinater:             RT90WGS84                      Decimal
x: 617 39 81                             N 55° 40′ 01”                           55,6668
y: 133 43 20                             E 13° 10′ 33”                           13,1721

There is free parking in front of and behind Uppåkra Church.
Parking for bicycles and motorcycles is also available, behind the church.
Busses park best either in front of the church (towards the road), or behind the church, where there is space for standard sized busses (the sign is visible straight ahead as soon as one rounds the church grounds.