Stone Age


There are several traces of the Stone Age people in Uppåkra, both from the hunters and the farmers. Flint tools such as arrow heads, axes, sickles, scrapes and chisels shows that people lived here long before the Iron Age town. Next to the church, archaeologists have found a Stone Age tomb. It was 4.000 years old, meaning it was built during the Neolithic, and contained the bones of a child, an adolescent and an adult. The tomb was likely crowned with an earth mound, just like the mounds from the Bronze Age. Perhaps it was still visible during the 18th -19th Century- the stirred layers and finds indicates that the grave had been looted around this time.
The tomb was found in 2011, thanks to geophysical surveys carried out by The Ludwig Boltzmann Instiutute in Austria.

Bengt och Lovisa gräver ut kranium. Carolina Ask

2011 graven geofys
Geophysical map, showing the tomb,
the circular area marked with red in the right corner.


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Uppåkra – a future Archaeological Science Center

During the autumn-winter in 2011, the UAC did a feasibility study on the future Archaeological Science Center in Uppåkra. A summary of the report can be found here.

Lund University Historical Museum

See the finds from Uppåkra at the Historical Museum in Lund.

Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

For those who want to immerse yourself in archeology, and in the research of Uppåkra conducted at the University of Lund.