A word from the chairman

Like most other people, it took some time before I understood the magnitude of that which is going on in Uppåkra. I long held the belief that ancient times were the concern of others, since my interests lay in the future. It was only when I realised how grand and unique ancient Uppåkra was that I understood that Uppåkra is not only part of the past, but the present and the future as well!


Located outside of Lund, in Staffanstorp municipality, once was the political, economical and political centre of its time, Uppåkra. That the settlement predating Lund and Copenhagen was located in Staffanstorp municipality was of course something that interested me. That the yearly excavations, implemented by the archaeological institution at Lund University, uncover such marvelous finds enhanced that feeling. From the day I understood what Uppåkra had once been, and in the future could be, I felt a commitment to show the world that which exists, in an incredibly beautiful place, but largely still hidden in the soil.


An important step to create an archaeological centre in Uppåkra was taken during autumn 2009, when the Uppåkra Archaeological Centre Foundation was founded by Staffanstorp municipality, Region Skåne, Lunds diocese, Lund municipality, Uppåkra parish and Staffanstorpshus AB, with Lund University and the county administration in Skåne Län as scientific guarantees.

Besides the important research and the excavations made by Lund University, the foundation has an important role in spreading knowledge about Uppåkra, from ancient times until present day. As a ”Pompeji of the North”, Uppåkra Archaeological Centre will give Skåne and its bordering municipalities an increased dignity within tourism, nationally as well as internationally, and give a positive spin off to the region as a whole.


During 2014 we will take yet another few steps to develop the work of the foundation and the future archaeological centre. The national property board has, for the sake of the foundation, started a pilot study for the buildings needed in the project. The results of this study will be presented during this spring. We have also been awarded grants from EU and Leader Lundaland in order to develop the tourism program. In these projects we will continue the developments within archaeological digital technique, which can be used to visualise the finds and also adapt the visualisation for children. Given the great international potential the site has, we will also internationalise the tours.

Take the trip to Uppåkra, look to the north and you will see building cranes where ESS and Max IV is being built. In a remarkable way, history and the future can be tied together, on the same fields, within view of each other. The journey with Uppåkra Archaeological Centre has only begun, and I would like to welcome You on this exciting trip!

Michael Sandin

Chairman of the Uppåkra Archaeological Centre Foundation


Weather Uppåkra

Café and Tours

Guided tours/Guidade visningar 2016

Guided tours in English: Thursdays at 12.30 pm during June, July and August.

Admission: 40 SEK. Children 0-18 free of charge. A guided tour takes about one hour. No pre-booking necessary. To book a guided tour in English or German (1500 SEK) call +46709351250 or e-mail ulrika.randver@uppakra.se.

June 11 – August 31
Guided tours in Swedish 11am and 2pm* Wed-Sun
*Family guided tour at 2 pm June 18, July 2, July 16, July 30, August 13, August 27

August 28 Archaeology Day
Guided tours, activities and festivities.

September 1-30
Guided tours in Swedish at 2pm Tue-Sat

September 11 Cultural Heritage Day
Guided tour in Swedish 14 pm.

Café Tirup

June 11-August 31: Wed-Sun 10am-4pm

Sept 1-Oct 1: Tue-Sat 1-4pm

Cultural Heritage Day, Sept 11: 12-16pm




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Would you like to know more?

Uppåkra – a future Archaeological Science Center

During the autumn-winter in 2011, the UAC did a feasibility study on the future Archaeological Science Center in Uppåkra. A summary of the report can be found here.

Lund University Historical Museum

See the finds from Uppåkra at the Historical Museum in Lund.


Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

For those who want to immerse yourself in archeology, and in the research of Uppåkra conducted at the University of Lund.